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About Us

Born in the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, The Sanitiser Station Co.'s aim was to facilitate companies looking to adopt social distancing and make the changes needed to come back to work. In March 2020, a 'new normal' was established. This involved, much more consciousness around general hygiene, particularly around the need for more regular hand washing and sanitisation. 

 We know that staff, visitors in fact everyone will be more conscious as to hygiene, social distancing etc. as a result of Covid-19.  Create that invaluable peace of mind by having systems, signage and sanitiser solutions in place in your workplace to create a culture of hygiene, well-being and safety.

The Sanitiser Station Co. is a trading style of Chespack Hygiene. We're a team of like minded individuals who strive to offer the best innovation and customer service under one roof, to all users of shared spaces. We know that the only constant is change and nothing motivates us more than to bring products to the market that challenge the status quo.

We're a friendly team and are committed to fulfilling the needs of our clients, 100% of the time. 


'We have a number of the Purge 210 products and I can't recommend them enough, a great looking design, excellent build quality and very easy to use' - Derek Knowles, North Edge

'Awesome products & service. Very helpful, knowledgeable team, refreshing to work with, would definitely recommend.' - Andy, AGS Prime