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What hand sanitiser station is best for you?

With the Covid-19 Pandemic changing the way the world operates, it has brought about a ‘new’ normal that is not going to change too soon! Hand sanitiser stations or dispensers are everywhere and used by everyone. So, we thought we would put together a blog to help you decide on what hand sanitiser station is best for your needs and business. 

So, which is best?  A wall mounted dispenser or a free-standing station 

There are several factors which we will cover, to help you decide on what hand sanitiser station meets your requirements the best. Wall mounted dispensers are by far the cheapest option; these are not always the most attractive of units, they also aren’t as flexible as freestanding stations. 

What are the key points to consider when investing in hand sanitiser stations? 

  •  Flexibility – are you wanting a solution that you can move to different areas of your building or to bring inside your building at the end of each day? Or are you wanting in a fixed location?  
  • Who will be using the hand sanitiser station? Will it be a mix of adults and children? If the station is too high for children, you run the risk of sanitiser splashing in their eyes?  
    If you are looking for a free-standing solution – is this sturdy enough on its own or will it need bolting to the floor? 
  • Security – Does the sanitiser liquid compartment have a lock?  How secure does it need to be?  
  • Damage to property/ Slip hazards – alcohol will remove most paints and surface finishes.  Will the sanitiser drip on the people using the station or the floor? This will not only cause damage to the surfaces but also create a slip risk. Does the station have a drip tray? Or do you need to consider signage to be put up to warn people of the potential hazard? 

  •  Is the unit touch free?  This is always a difficult one to answer – automatic dispensers can be temperamental especially if the units are placed outside. If the units don’t work, you have no other way to get the hand sanitiser out – So its always worth to check out different options. Foot operated or manual – yes manual dispensers you must touch the dispenser! But does this matter if you are sanitising your hands straight after? 

 As you can see, there are several factors to consider when choosing your hand sanitiser stations, for your organisation. It really is worth doing some research on what solution will be best for your needs. While investing in these units, it’s valuable to get the solution that will fulfil your requirements and that will last – buy cheap, buy twice! 

Wondering what sanitiser is best to use? Or maybe your struggling with deciding the best places to put your sanitiser stations. We have blogs to answer all your queries.

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