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Tips About How and What Sanitiser to Use

We have a few tips and tricks for when it comes to what hand sanitiser to use and how you should be using it. With the outbreak of the COVID-19, keeping your hands as germ-free as possible is now more important than ever!  

However, before you begin regularly reaching for hand sanitizer, it’s important to keep the facts in mind. Start with this one: Washing your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds is typically the best way to clean your hands. 

If you can't get to soap and water, an alcohol-based hand sanitiser can be a good option. But to get the full benefits, you have to use the right productcorrectly! 

Here are some tips about Hand Sanitizers:  

  1. Ideally use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. As recommended by WHO – Alcohol Hand Sanitiser should contain at least 60% alcohol. If using a sanitisers without alcohol ensure it is tested to kill bacteria and viruses as some products may only keep germs from multiplying, rather than killing them. They may also contribute to antibiotic resistance. Also, keep in mind: Even an alcohol-based sanitiser doesn't get rid of all types of germs.  

  2. Certifications. At the start of the pandemic alot of companies started producing hand sanitiser, which has resulted in uncertified sanitiser entering the market. This can be extremely dangerous. So please ensure all hand sanitiser is fully certified.

  3. Check for dirt. If your hands are dirty or greasy, hand sanitisers may not work fully. Stick to handwashing with soap and warm water, if possible.

  4. Apply it correctly. Use enough sanitiser to cover all parts of your hands and fingers. Then rub your hands together until they feel dry. This should take a minimum of 20 seconds (the same amount of time it takes to wash your hands correctly). Don't rush; hand sanitisers will not be as effective if you rinse or wipe them off before your hands are dry. 

  5. Be Careful. Keep hand sanitisers out of the reach of young children.  A child who swallows even a small amount of an alcohol-based hand sanitiser could be at risk for alcohol poisoning, which can be deadly.

For more information we have a great blog to help you decide which sanitiser station is better for you. Or learn more about the best places to keep your sanitiser stations.

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